Austerity Myths and Darkening Detroit

On the heels of my conference presentation at the University of Brighton, where I spoke about international trade and Juarez femicide, I’m glad to be back for this week’s blog bite to talk about a similar issue of neoliberal violence in two articles: “Austerity Isn’t Irrational” by John Milios at Jacobin, and “Detroit: A Case Study of Oligarchs and Vigilantes Taking Over Public Safety in a Big City” by Patrick Sheehan at Naked Capitalism. Whether you’re following GREXIT and the European Union in the news lately, or staying focused on poverty and privatization in American communities, these two articles both speak to the myth of austerity practices that slash social services in the hopes of furthering economic growth.

Before we jump past the cut to break down these articles into the information you need to know, I have to begin my first official week back at the blog by thanking Ravon for her great work during the two weeks I was gone! If you missed her exhibit review of the George Washington University Museum and Textile Museum, add it to your reading list now.