a body of work: artist talks + tours (Transformer)

In our latest project, we’re exploring “Citation & Memory,” through art, community and dialogue. In our second installment, we hosted tours through Transformer‘s exhibition, “E15: A Body to Follow.” Highlighting the practices of citation and memory in the exhibit, the tours offered a fresh perspective on textile and fiber arts. Often secluded to the realm of craft and feminine arts, these tours highlighted four fiber works and their relevance within this exhibit as well as within contemporary art and the Washington, DC arts community. 

E15: A Body to Follow focused on fiber and textile as medium, history, and a means of survival. Considering the concept of the ‘survival thread’, artists Aliana Grace Bailey, Rachel Schechtman, Dulcina Abreu, and Alanna Reeves explore issues surrounding the body, security, identity, and connection to nature and family. See below for highlights from the exhibition and the public program!

E15 artists (from left to right) Aliana Grace Bailey, Rachel Schechtman, Dulcina Abreu, and Alanna Reeves

Little Jamaican-American Girl, Alanna Reeves 

My body is deserving of all the loving I can give, Aliana Grace Bailey

Untitled, Rachel Schechtman

Is there Such a Thing as, FUTURE?, Dulcina Abreu

E15: A Body to Follow is part of Transformer’s annual Exercises For Emerging Artists, a peer critique & mentorship program created to support a selected group of DC based emerging artists each year who are at critical points or crossroads in their professional growth and creative development. Learn more here.

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